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Primo values the world in which we all work and live. We recognize the importance of protecting our earth’s limited natural resources and strive to keep future generations in mind with everything we do.

Here are some of the ways we work to ensure our kids enjoy a healthy future:

  • Many of our vendors have adopted the Good Steward program, which shows a commitment to their communities, as well as preservation and protection of the natural resources entrusted to them.
  • We continuously look for ways to streamline and maximize the capacity of our inbound freight and distribution systems, lessening our carbon footprint and the impact on our kids’ and grandkids’ world.
  • We’ve implemented a comprehensive recycling program, ensuring that products such as cardboard, office waste, aluminum, corner boards, plastic, wooden material and stretch wrap have a second life.
  • We have a Sustainability Committee of representatives from across our company that meets regularly to discuss improving and maintaining Sustainable Operations.
  • We support our community and generously donate time and resourcing to local and national charitable organizations.
  • We support local food banks and community organizations committed to lessening the hardships faced by less fortunate members of our society.
  • We recently upgraded our warehouse lighting system to a more eco-friendly system that cut electric use by about half.
  • We participate in energy saving programs designed to reduce strain on the electric grid during periods of peak usage.
  • We have a modernized fleet that contains all of the current equipment designed to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Our route design system is developed to produce the most efficient routes available to deliver our product.

It doesn’t stop there. We are constantly looking to improve wherever we can. After all, we believe it’s the right thing to do.