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Maintaining The Cold Chain

Here at Primo, we are a studied advocate of the absolute necessity of maintaining the Cold Chain. What is the Cold Chain? Simply, it is the concept of moving product from its harvest to its optimal storage environment in the least amount of time and keeping it in that environment until it gets to the customer. You notice we say environment and not temperature. There are so many variables that can affect the quality of produce and, yes, temperature is probably the most important, but humidity, air flow and ethylene sensitivity also require consideration. And, here at Primo we take each and every variable into account when moving product.

It is important that products picked in the field are moved to their optimum storage environment as quickly as possible to preserve freshness. After proper cooling, product is then loaded onto refrigerated trucks and transported to the sealed, environmentally controlled docks at our facility.

Our warehouse was designed and built to ensure products would be stored in environments that would optimize freshness. It is divided into 7 different environmentally controlled atmospheres, each at the optimum temperature to support the products that it contains.

Our Food Safety Plan contains the framework that provides the foundation for maintaining ideal storage and transportation environments for our product. It also ensures that work practices are implemented to guaranty cleanliness and hygienic means of storing and transporting our product.

And, speaking of transporting, we excel at developing customized, flexible delivery schedules designed to meet our customers’ needs. Expect our uniformed, professional drivers to be at your door, ready to make the delivery when you want it.

Please contact us to discuss your delivery needs or arrange a tour of our warehouse and see that we practice what we preach each and every day.