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Safety and quality control are in our nature

We take our responsibility to deliver safe, quality produce very seriously. In fact, it’s at the heart of what we do.

Our organization is certified to the SQF Food Safety for Food Sector Categories 4, 14, and 26. Further, we have consistently achieved a Superior rating for our Accredited HACCP Plan since 2004.

Simply, our organization is wholly committed to the fundamental importance of delivering the freshest, safest and highest quality produce, as it has been since our beginnings in 1991. Our Employee teams receive initial training and then regularly scheduled, on-going training in all aspects of our Food Safety and Food Security Plans. We have a Food Safety Team that is tasked with regularly reviewing all of our internal operating procedures and work practices for continuous improvement.

Our tailored, industry recognized computer system provides us the ability to internally track all lots of products traveling through our facilities. At a moment’s notice, we can identify which customers received what product from which vendor. It’s called one-up / one-back traceability.

We are in compliance with The Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002. Our facilities are registered with the US Food and Drug Administration and are fully secured and monitored via a 24/7 continuous camera system covering our entire facility.

Our QC Teams are comprised of individuals with combined decades worth of experience in the produce industry. We work closely with our vendors and the US Department of Agriculture Inspectors to ensure we are maintaining the integrity and quality of our produce as it moves through the supply chain.

The importance, resolution and commitment to deliver only the safest, highest quality products permeates throughout every department and associate in our company. bmw pictures bmw gallery