Looking for custom cut and packaged produce for your business? Learn more about our new processing facility, KaliBee’s.

Fresh produce starts with Primo

Each day, we have teams of professionals custom making breaker orders for the next day’s delivery. This sorting process ensures that the tomato and breaker products you order adhere to the specifications you provide. Cooler space, lower velocity items and/or more delicate fruits and vegetables are all broken into smaller or more distinct pack sizes to minimize waste and loss and maximize useable storage space and profits.

At Primo, we have an operation that is dedicated to tomato repacking. Tomatoes are hand sorted by size, firmness, color and consistency. The product is separated and segregated so that when it arrives at your door, the boxes contain 100% usable product every time. Freshness guaranteed.

Our breaker and tomato products are hand sorted seven days a week by tenured professionals working in compliance with our SQF 2000 Food Safety and Quality Program requirements, good handling practices and your chosen specifications.

We specialize in developing product pack sizes that our customers need. Whether it is a three count cantaloupe, a five pound red onion or a half case of romaine lettuce, talk to one of our sales representatives. Chances are we have the exact size you need and if we don’t, there is a good chance we will make it for you.