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August 25th, 2023 Market Report


Lettuce markets are slowly coming down. In the Salinas region, the Hurricane’s aftermath has not affected growth. The temperatures are warm, but there is no rain forecast. The weights range from 38 to 43 pounds. Quality is good. 


Romaine markets are steady. Light fringe and tip burn are some common defects reported. Quality is fair to good. 

Romaine Heart markets are steady. Quality is fair to good. 

Green and Red Leaf markets are steady. Light fringe and tip burn are some common defects reported. Quality is fair to good. 

Lettuce Tender Leaf: 

The heat over the last few weeks has affected Parsley, Cilantro, Arugula, Spring Mix, Arcadian, and Spinach. Yellow/brown/black leaves may appear at receiving due to heat-related quality issues. Quality is fair. 


Markets are steady. Broccoli supplies continue to be average in Santa Maria, Mexico, and Salinas. Mexico is still struggling with yields due to the erratic weather. Quality is fair to good. 


Markets are steady. There is a steady supply of cauliflower in Salinas, Mexico, and Santa Maria. Quality is good. 


Cello markets are steady out West. Quality is good. 

Loose market is steady. Quality is good. 

Value-add Snack Carrots are steady. Quality is good. 


Markets are steady. Warm temperatures in all the growing regions may result in some bending of celery stalks. Quality is above average. 

Strawberries & Bush Berries: 

Strawberry markets are coming down. There has been a downward trend in fruit prices as a result of an influx of fruit coming into the marketplace. All regions have fair fruit quality. We should see an increase in supplies and quality as Oxnard begins full production on new crop plantings in early to mid-September. 

Raspberry markets are coming down. The open market is beginning to see better production numbers. The West Coast has increased slightly, still bolstered by product coming from Baja. Recent heavy rains in that region could significantly lighten the numbers coming into the U.S. through the San Diego and Otay Mesa areas. Quality is fair to good. 

Blueberries markets are going up. A slow decline in numbers from the Pacific Northwest and Michigan has caused the market to firm up. There are still distribution points in Central California, Michigan, Florida, and New Jersey. Quality has been good. 

Blackberries markets are steady, but continues to be very limited in availability. This trend is expected to continue until the first or second week of September. Quality is fair. 


New crop is looking good. Quality is great and percentage of #1’s is way up. 


The onion market is stable. Overall quality is good. 


Cucumber market is steady. Quality is good. 

Euro cucumbers markets are steady. Quality is good. 


Green bells market is steady. Quality is good. 

Red Pepper markets are very active. Quality is fair. 


Basil: We are still seeing minor quality issues. Overall, quality is fair to good. 


Orange markets are moving up as school demand picks up. Valencia’s are the main variety. Quality is fair to good. 

Lemon markets are still up and extremely tight out West. Import Lemons are steady on 115, 140 and 165ct choice fruit. Quality is good. 

Lime Harvests over the weekend and starting off this week have been down due to wet conditions. That along with seeing additional stylar in the inbound product that is causing shippers to regrade everything and repack it again before shipping has reduced overall supplies and pushed pricing up. The larger fruit 110ct-175ct continues to be primarily old crop fruit as the new crop has not sized up enough for those sizes yet. While Mexico desperately needs the rain, if it continues for the rest of this week and weekend, I would look for prices to continue their upward trend. There are also 3 more storms in the Atlantic that we will have to keep an eye on as the get closer to the US/Mexico to see if they will develop further or have any impact on the lime growing regions in the coming weeks. 


Grape markets are steady. Quality is good. 


In the East, grape and cherry tomatoes are higher due to the weather. Canada has good supply and quality on Round and Roma tomatoes. 


Green Cartons: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Red Cartons: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Bagged Cabbage: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Market Alerts: 

The items listed below are being prorated by Shippers. 

1.) Poblano peppers 

2.) Brussel Sprouts 

3.) Brussel Sprout Halves & Shaved 

4.) Golden Delicious Apples 

5.) Scallions 4/2lb 

6.) Granny Smith Apples. 88ct and 100ct 

7.) White B Potatoes