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August 4th, 2023 Market Report


Lettuce markets are coming down, but are still slightly active. Due to past weather conditions and large retail ads, the industry is experiencing a shortage of product. As schools open in the upcoming weeks, this will also be a contributing factor. The escalation of value-added lettuce items began last week and will continue through this week. Common defects reported include misshapen heads, lightweights, pink discoloration on outer leaves, and brown butts. Quality is fair. 


Romaine markets are steady. Slight tip burn are some common defects reported. Quality is fair to good. 

Romaine Heart markets are steady. There have been reports of slight twisting on romaine hearts. Quality is fair to good. 

Green and Red Leaf markets are steady. Slight tip burn are some common defects reported. Quality is fair to good. 

Lettuce Tender Leaf: 

Parsley, Cilantro, Arugula, Spring Mix, Arcadian, and Spinach are in better supply, but we are still seeing yellowing come across on all tender leaf items. Quality is fair. 


Markets are steady. Supplies are starting to get lighter in Santa Maria, Mexico, and Salinas this week. Quality is average, with Mexico fighting bug infestations. As shippers move into the weekend, we can expect market to move up slightly due to the volatile weather in Mexico and the recent heat wave in the Salinas Valley. Quality is fair to good. 


Markets are steady. There is a steady supply of cauliflower in Salinas, Mexico, and Santa Maria. Shippers do not expect any issues with supplies this weekend as this market remains steady. Quality is good. 


Cello markets are steady out West. Quality is good. 

Loose markets should start coming off as Canadian product is becoming available. Quality is good. 

Value-add Snack Carrots are steady. Quality is good. 


Markets are still coming off. All value-added items with this commodity are off of escalated pricing. Quality is good. 

Strawberries & Bush Berries: 

Strawberry markets have become very active with shippers prorating 50%. Poor pollination in the early spring has caused less fruit to be available in the fields. As a result of cold temperatures, bee activity slowed down. There is a natural downtrend out of all areas as plants near the end of their summer growing cycle. In the second or third week of August, new crop fall fruit should be available. Shippers are in a demand exceeds supply market. Quality is fair. 

Raspberry markets are still active. There should be a gradual increase in availability out of the California Coast. Temperatures are favorable helping to bring on more fruit. This increase should slowly build into the later weeks of August. Quality is fair to good. 

Blueberries markets are steady. The Pacific Northwest is transferring steady numbers of fruit into California DCs. Michigan is peaking while New Jersey is nearly finished. There is good availability on both the West and East coasts. Quality is good. 

Blackberries markets are steady. With the warmer weather, supplies are slowly improving. Central Mexico is still crossing light numbers. Shippers are beginning to see better numbers on the Central Coast of California. Quality is fair to good. 


The potato market is coming off. Quality has been fair to good. New crop will start shipping at the end of next week. 


The onion market is stable. Overall quality is good. 


Cucumber market is steady. Quality is good. 

Euro cucumbers markets are steady. Quality is good. 


Green bells market is steady. Quality is good. 

Red Pepper markets are steady. Quality is good. 


Basil: We are still seeing minor quality issues. Overall, quality is fair to good. 


Orange markets are steady with good supplies. Quality is good. 

Lemon markets are still up out West. We have started Import Lemons on 115, 140 and 165ct choice fruit. Quality is good. 

Lime Weather in Mexico continues to be hot and humid with very little rain. The current crop of limes has suffered in both terms of sizing and quality due to this. We are seeing skin breakdown, oil spotting, and stylar showing up more and more on inbound fruit, causing additional grading and repacking to be required before shipping. As new crop limes start to become available (small crop will initially be heavy to 230ct/200ct) growers will allow the remaining old crop to size up more before harvesting to cover those larger sizes not present in the new crop. Expect the larger sized limes to show some additional scarring and they may not look as nice as the new crop. Look for most 175ct and larger fruit to remain old crop for a large part of August, and look for markets to remain elevated for much of the month as well. 


Grape markets are steady. We are into California product now. Quality is good. 


Round and Roma supplies in Tennessee and California has increased. We are still seeing quality issues on arrival, but quality is expected to get better in the next few weeks. There is a steady supply of Mexican crops out of McAllen. Quality is fair. 


Green Cartons: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Red Cartons: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Bagged Cabbage: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Market Alerts: 

The items listed below are being prorated by Shippers. 

1.) Poblano peppers 

2.) Danjou pears 

3.) Driscoll Strawberries 

4.) Brussel Sprouts 

5.) Brussel Sprout Halves & Shaved 

6.) Golden Delicious apples