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December 8th, 2023 Market Report


Lettuce markets are steady. Currently, supplies exceed demand. Quality is good. 


Romaine markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Romaine Heart markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Green and Red Leaf markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Lettuce Tender Leaf: 

Parsley, Cilantro, Arugula, Spring Mix, Arcadian, and Spinach are steady with good quality coming out Yuma. 


Markets are steady. The supply of broccoli continues to improve. Quality is good. 


Markets are getting active. Quality is fair to good. 


Cello markets are slightly up out West. Canadian carrots remain strong and appear to be getting stronger. Quality is good. 

Loose market is steady. Quality is good. 

Value-add Snack Carrots are steady. Quality is good. 


Markets are getting active. There has been a tightening of supplies with multiple shippers. Quality is good. 

Strawberries & Bush Berries: 

Strawberry markets are coming off. Florida has started and quality is good. 

Raspberry markets are slightly up again. Good supplies continue to cross into the U.S from Baja and Central Mexico. The product is then transferred into the California DCs in Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Los Angeles. Quality is good. 

Blueberries markets are continuing to soften. Quality is fair to good. 

Blackberries markets are steady. Central Mexico fruit is making its way to California DCs in Los Angeles, Santa Maria, and Oxnard. The cooler weather in Central Mexico is improving quality. There are fewer reports of red cell and soft fruit. Quality fair to good. 


The Potato market is stable.40cts, 50cts, 60cts, and 70cts are becoming tight. Quality has been good. 


The onion market is very strong. Mexican and Canadian product is coming up short. Pricing is up and expected to stay up for the next month or two. Overall quality is good. White Jumbo onions are very tight. 


Cucumber market is steady. Quality is good. 

Euro cucumbers markets are steady. Quality is good. 


Green bells market is steady. Quality is good. 

Red Pepper markets are active due to recent weather conditions. Quality is fair to good. 


Basil: We are still seeing minor quality issues. Overall, quality is fair to good. 


Orange markets are coming off. Supplies are in a good spot and markets are slightly lower. Peak sizes are 72/88ct. As this crop peaks on medium and larger fruits, small fruit will tighten up significantly come January. The current gas time is around 48 hours, and the current brix is in the 11-13 range. The Florida juicing orange industry is thriving. Quality is good. 

Lemon markets are steady. Currently, all three districts are shipping, with an overall peak size of 140/165ct. Mexico product has been steady with good quality. Quality is good. 

Lime There are still good supplies of limes this week, but we expect to see supplies begin to decrease over the next couple of weeks as we get into the new crop. We will also start to see new crop fruit be on the smaller size (230/250ct) out of the gate, and the larger fruit will remain old crop until it is depleted. Quality remains good across the board, and we have not seen any adverse quality issues from the rains last week. As supplies decrease, expect to see jumps in the pricing like we typically do mid to late December each year due to the new crop that is starting and the next crop after it are the two smallest in terms of volume each year. Mid to late December typically sees decreased supplies and steady to increased demand for the holidays. 


The grape market is slightly up. The domestic grape harvest in California is nearly complete. Brazil and Peru imports are going to both coasts. Currently, there is a greater supply of green grapes than red grapes. In mid- to late January, Chilean imports will begin. Quality is fair to good. 


Markets on Round and Roma tomatoes will remain volatile until the end of the year. There is an extreme shortage of Grape and Cherry tomatoes. We’ll see some very light numbers from Mexico and Florida. Markets are expected to remain active through early January. 


Green Cartons: Markets are tightening up. Quality is good. 

Red Cartons: Markets are tightening up. Quality is good. 

Bagged Cabbage: Markets are tightening up. Quality is good. 

Market Alerts: 

The items listed below are being prorated by Shippers. 

1.) All Tomatoes 

2.) 88ct Royal Gala Apples 

3.) White Jumbo Onions