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Fall Ornamentals & Decorating Ideas

Painted Pumpkins

Items are special order only.
A 3 day pre order is required.

Cutie Pie

“Pumpkin Little” will be topped off with a decorative hat. Packed 12 per case.

Pie Pumpkin

The Baby Pam pumpkin weighs in at 3-4 lbs and is the size of a softball. They are packed 8 per box and wrapped in tissue to ensure a safe arrival.

Mini Pumpkin

The Hand Painted Mini Pumpkin comes in an assortment of 5 different designs. Packed 40 per case.

Face Pumpkin

“The Painted Face Pallet”
The pallet is packed 60 pumpkins with a variety of faces and ready for display
upon arrival.
The Painted face Pumpkin is also available in case packs. They are
packed 4 per box / 20 cases per pallet.



Large Pumpkins

Pumpkin by the Bin, 40/48ct
Pumpkin (12-18lbs), each
Pumpkin Giant, each
Pumpkin Painted, each

Medium Pumpkins

Pumpkin Lantern by the Bin, 80/100ct
Pumpkin (5-8lbs), each
Pumpkin Pie by the Bin, 200ct
Pumpkin Pie, bushel

Small Pumpkins

Pumpkin Jack Be Little, 1/2 bushel
Pumpkin Baby Pams, bushel
Pumpkin Mini White, 1/2 bushel
Pumpkin Mini Painted 12ct
Gourds, 1/2 bushel

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds, 5#


Gourds, Corn & Bales


Our fancy selection of brightly colored and warted gourds are available with a shellacked shiny clear finish.

Indian Corn

All of the Indian corn is dried to ensure a trouble free delivery.

Straw Bales

The standard size bale.

Corn Shocks

Every display needs a corn shock. They are
shipped 25 bundles to a bin. Sold by the bin, or by the bunch.