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January 3- January 9, 2016

Market Outlook


Supplies still remain tight. Costs have remained steady to up a few dollars depending on shipper. Yuma has been experiencing cold temperatures overnight resulting in ice in the fields come morning. Shippers are quoting product to have epidermal peel and blistering due to the freeze. Case weights are on the lighter side.


Romaine, green, and red leaf remain relatively unchanged for the week. There was an increase in romaine heart pricing. Similar to lettuce, leaf quality will be suffering from the cold temperatures and ice in the fields as well. Expect to see epidermal peel and minor tip burn.


The broccoli market is lower on bunched, but crowns remain in short supply. Processors are very short on raw product and have been prorating. Quality has been good on inbound.


The cauliflower market remains at historically high levels. Product is very short and we will not meet demand. Quality has been good to very good.


The Eastern loose carrot market has remained on the high side for next week, with supply’s on the tighter side. Overall quality has been very good.


The celery market remains at historically high levels as demand far exceeds supply. Expect this to continue for the next several weeks. We are seeing good quality out of California.


Growing regions in California are very light on supplies and quality has been fair to good. Sizing out of CA has been small. The majority of the strawberries we are selling are out of Florida. Costs are steady heading into next week.


Idaho potato market has remained steady for next week with good quality. We expect to see pricing move upward as we move into January.


The yellow onion market is unchanged for next week. Reds are still high and will remain that way for the near term.


The California lemon market is steady. The California navel orange deal is into full swing with good availability and great quality. Oranges are starting to size up. Look for smaller oranges to get tighter in weeks to come. Lime market is steady.


The cucumber market remains extremely high and product is still extremely tight with very little volume at this time, Quality has been a huge struggle on all cucumbers.


The green pepper market has remained steady for next week. Quality has been only fair to good.


The round tomato market remains strong for next week, and quality is only fair. Cherry tomatoes along with grapes and romas are also stronger. Quality has been good on inbound. We are expecting an active tomato market for the near term due to recent heavy rains in Florida.


Recipe of the Week

California Asparagus Pizza with Red Bell Pepper, Olive and Feta Cheese

1 unbaked pizza dough shell, 12 inches

2/3 cup diced (1/2 inch) bell pepper

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/2 cup chopped Calamata olive

12 ounces fresh California asparagus, trimmed, then blanched

3 ounces Mozzarella cheese, shredded (about 3/4 cup)

3 ounces Feta cheese, crumbled (about 3/4 cup)

On the dough shell, layer in order, red bell pepper, onion, and olive. Arrange asparagus spears, tips toward edge, in a pinwheel fashion over vegetables. Evenly sprinkle with cheeses.

Bake at 500° F degrees until crust and cheese are lightly browned, About 10 minutes.