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July 24- July 30, 2016

Market Outlook


The lettuce market is steady at lower levels. We continue to see good quality on inbound.


Romaine is steady, and romaine hearts supplies are improving with costs declining.  Both green and red leaf is steady. We are seeing mostly good quality on inbound.


The broccoli market is steady for next week. Quality has been good on inbound.


The cauliflower market is steady for the coming week. Quality has been very good.


The carrot market remains steady out of Mexico with good quality.


The celery market is about steady. We have Michigan as well as well as California in stock. We are seeing good quality on inbound.


Quality has been fair to good.  We are seeing some minor bruising on inbound. Costs will be up slightly for next week.


The Idaho potato market is a little weaker on larger sizes, small sizes remain steady. Overall, quality has been very good.


The yellow onion market is higher, especially on larger Colossal and Super Colossal. Reds are about steady. We are seeing good quality on new crop California/New Mexico product.


The California lemon market remains very strong with supplies short. Quality on the fruit has been good to very good. We have good quality Chilean fruit available in most sizes. Quality is good.  California oranges are in pretty good supply across all product sizes. We are seeing good quality on inbound. The Lime market is about steady to a little lower. We are seeing mostly good quality on inbound.


The cucumber market is about steady. We are seeing product from New Jersey and Michigan. New York will start in a week or so. We are seeing good quality across the board.


The green pepper market has declined with better supplies available in New Jersey and Michigan.


The round tomato market is moving up slightly for next week. Very few tomatoes available in the East, and California cannot meet demand. Grapes are lower with new Jersey ramping up. Cherry tomatoes are about steady. The Roma market is higher as California is a little short.




Recipe of the Week

 Fingerling Potatoes with  Rosemary & Thyme

1 1/2 lbs. fingerling potatoes

1/4 cup + 2 T. kosher salt

several sprigs of rosemary and thyme

2 cloves garlic, smashed

olive oil

kosher salt

a few more sprigs rosemary and thyme, leaves removed and minced

  1. Place fingerlings in a pot. Cover with approximately one inch of water. Add the salt, herbs and garlic. Bring the pot of water to a boil, then turn off the heat. Let the potatoes cool completely in their liquid before proceeding.
  2. Once cool, you can eat the potatoes as they are or you can brown them.