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March 24 – 30, 2013

Market Outlook

Market is steady at an elevated level. Product is still very short overall, with sizing and case weight light.
Romaine market is adjusting down as product availability is improving. Seeing blister and peel on romaine.
Broccoli market is steady to lower this week. Quality has been good overall.
Cauliflower market is steady. Quality has been very good.
Market has remained steady out of Georgia. Quality has been very good.
Celery market is steady to higher, with good quality. 
The Florida berry season is just about wrapped up. We will transition to California fruit.
Idaho market has tightened up as the Norkotah variety is just about done.
Onion market has risen a bit this week and will move up a bit more going into next week.
Market is steady on navels. We’ve seen a slight increase in the lemon market. Quality has been good on lemons and very good to excellent on oranges.
The market on cucumbers has seen some relief but is still relatively strong.
Market is steady and quality has remained very good.
Tomato market is mostly steady on rounds. 6×6 are a little weaker. Grapes, Romas, and cherries are steady to up slightly.
Green squash is a little easier, but yellow squash remains  extremely tight. Green squash is a little easier, but yellow squash is extremely tight.

Feature of the Week

Introducing Modoliva Olive Oil! This olive oil is blended to perfect chemistry, and analytically proven to be a perfect, premium, extra virgin olive oil. 100% Aguilar estate grown Spanish Olives are cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest and bottled with care ensuring the most delicious, heart-healthy oil at its freshest. Modoliva Olive oil has a clean, grassy, slightly bitter, and round body with a quick, clean and peppery finish taste.

It has a similar price point to the biggest brands that have been proven to be deodorized, flat, old, and tasteless. Modoliva has the best flavor profile, and durability for the price on the market.

Recipe of the Week

Recipe Ideas:

• Finishing/Drizzling Mediterranean Cuisine
•Tableside bread dipping
•Dressing and Vinaigrettes with the most flavor and health benefits
•Durable oil, great for light sautés
•Braising, poaching, roasting
•The perfect match for ANY produce!

Fun Facts of the Week

– In ancientGreece, women applied olive oil to their skin and hair after bathing as protection from the elements and to maintain a pleasant fragrance.
– In ancientRome, pregnant women applied olive oil to their skin to prevent stretch marks. Many still follow this practice.
– Olive oil is technically a fruit juice rather than an oil. Olives are pressed to release their juices just like an orange or lemon.
– Olives are rich in Vitamin E and ‘good fat.’ Olive oil is high in healthy monounsaturated fats and contains absolutely no cholesterol.
– Unlike wine, olive oil does not get better with age. After about 18 months, consider the shelf life done and throw it away.