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May 11- May 17, 2014

Market Outlook


The Iceberg market is steady to a little higher depending on shipper. Quality is steadily improving.


Romaine is higher as most shippers are right to budgeted numbers and selling out every day. Green and red leaf is steady to higher.  Quality has been good overall. We are seeing occasional minor tip/fringe burn on inbound.


Broccoli market is steady to higher with good quality out of Salinas.


The cauliflower market is steady with costs remaining on the high side. We are definitely in demand exceeds supply situation.  Quality has been good.


Carrots have remained steady for next week. We are still sourcing product out of Mexico, Georgia still having quality issues.


The Celery market is steady to higher out of Oxnard.  Shippers are battling seeders and have less volume. Quality has been good overall.


We are seeing fair to good quality out of California with a steady market. Customers should expect to see at least some bruising.


Market has taken a jump this week and will see very strong markets on all sizes right through the season, along with very high trucking rates.


The market on new crop yellow onions has remained steady for this week, quality has been very good.


The Lemon market is steady at higher levels.  Orange market is active especially on small fruit. Navels are winding down and we will have new crop Valencias arriving soon. Quality has been good. Lime market is coming down from the very high levels we have seen in recent weeks, but costs are still elevated well above normal.


The Cucumber market in Florida is unsettled with higher costs. There is a very wide range in quality being reported. We are likely to see a gap between Florida and Georgia production.


Pepper market as strengthened again this week, market is up one week and down the next, very unsettled yet with quality not at its best.


Round Tomato market is steady to lower as shippers come into better supplies. Grapes and cherries are steady. Romas are up in cost a few dollars.  Overall, quality has been very good.


Feature of the Week

This week Primo is featuring watercress. Watercress is an aquatic plant renown for it’s vivid green color and unique peppery flavor. watercress has been eaten as part of the human diet as far back as history can record. This delicate leafy green is eaten around the world and currently translated into 34 languages…a sure sign that it is a part of a country’s cuisine.


Recipe of the Week

Beef, Watercress & Roquefort Burgers


1/3 cup bulgur

1/2 cup warm water

12 ounces 90%-lean ground beef

1/2 cup coarsely chopped watercress leaves, plus extra sprigs for garnish

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

3 tablespoons crumbled Roquefort cheese, (1 ounce)

4 whole-wheat buns, split and toasted


1. Combine bulgur and warm water in a medium bowl; let stand until the bulgur is tender and the liquid is absorbed, about 30 minutes.

2.Prepare a grill or preheat the broiler. Add beef, watercress, salt and pepper to the plumped bulgur and mix thoroughly but lightly. Shape the mixture into eight 3/8-inch-thick patties. Sandwich cheese between the patties to form 4 stuffed burgers.

3. Grill or broil the patties on a lightly oiled rack until browned and cooked through, 4 to 5 minutes per side. (An instant-read thermometer inserted in the center should register 160° F.) Place the burgers on buns and garnish with watercress sprigs.



Fun Facts of the Week

  • Up to the renaissance, this spunky member of the mustard family was esteemed as a breath freshener and palate cleanser, as well as for medical purposes.
  • Watercress was once popular as a tea, freshly made with lemon and sugar. It was drunk as a tonic to ease aches and pains.
  • During the shortages of World War II, the traditional Sunday-night tea in Britain was watercress and vinegar, with a bit of bread and butter.
  • Eating a bag of watercress is said to be a good cure for a hang-over.