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Primo’s Outlook (10/1/12 – 10/6/12)

Market Report

Market is trending down with good quality.
Romaine and leaf markets are lower. Overall quality has been very good.
Market is lower.  Quality has been very good. 
Little change to market pricing, quality has been good.
Market has remained steady with carrots from Canada and Michigan.
Celery market is starting to trend down this week with good quality.
Cost is up slightly.  Quality has improved this week, but still not great.  
Idaho market has leveled off now with plenty of all sizes available. Burbank variety should begin shipping in the next week or two.
Idaho new crop jumbo yellows have remained steady with the red market staying in demand.
Market remains very strong on oranges. 113, 138’s are very tight and are expected to remain scarce until new crop navels begin in mid to late October. Overall, quality has been good. Lemon market is little changed with good arrivals from Mexico.
Georgia has started this week. With Canada done, also jersey still running.
Market is steady, with good quality. We are sourcing mostly from New Jersey, with Georgia starting this week.
Tomato market is steady on rounds, grapes, and cherries.  The Roma market is strong with a lot of the regional deals done or winding down. Still seeing a wide range on quality.


Primo’s Pick of the Week!

This week Primo is featuring Ziegler’s Apple Cider.  A perfect treat for this time of year! Ziegler’s Apple cider is made locally. Manufactured inLansdale,Pennsylvania, Zeigler’s Cider is a custom blend of not just one type of apple, but a variety of sweet and tart apples. Every cider batch is taste-tested to deliver the delicious flavor and high quality standards.

 Serve warm, cold, or room temperature with slices of oranges, lemons, whip cream on top, or cinnamon sticks.

Recipe of the Week:

Caramel Apple Cider
What you will need:
Apple cider
6 T Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Syrup (or substitute sprinkled cinnamon)
Whipped Cream
Caramel sauce
Orange slice
Heat the apple cider and cinnamon syrup on the stove (non aluminum pan) until it is steaming and warm- no need to bring to a boil
(optional) Add a dollop of Whipped cream at the bottom of your glass to add some extra creaminess to your cider
Pour your cider into your glass
Top with whipped cream and orange peel
Drizzle with caramel sauce

 Fun Facts of the Week

Unfermented apple juice is called ‘apple juice’ in most other countries, and the term ‘cider’ refers to ‘hard cider’; it has been fermented and is an alcoholic beverage.

Cider was the most common fruit beverage in theU.S. up to the mid 19th century. Without refrigeration, fresh juice was very perishable, so apple juice was virtually all ‘hard cider’, being allowed to ferment to a low alcohol content, usually around 5 percent alcohol. Next to water, this cider was the cheapest and most widely available beverage year-round.