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Primo’s Outlook (10/29 – 11/3)

Market Report

Market is stronger with all Iceberg supplies coming from Huron California. Quality has been mostly good, with some only fair.
Romaine and leaf markets are steady to up a dollar or two. Overall quality has been very good.
Market is steady to up slightly.  Quality has been very good.
Little change to market pricing, quality has been good.
Market has remained steady out of Canada and now Georgia in full swing.
Celery market is steady to down this week with good quality.
Cost is up slightly. Quality is still a struggle. Expect to see some bruising.
Idaho market has jumped up on the smaller counts and will remain that way through the season due to a bigger crop in sizing this year.
Idaho crop will firm up this week as product tightens up. Quality has been very good.
Market remains very strong on oranges. 113, 138’s are very tight. Overall, quality has been good. Lemon market is little changed with good arrivals from Mexico.
Georgia has better availability with quality improving.
Market is steady, New Jersey is all but done. There is good quality and availability from Georgia.
Tomato market is up on all items as there are very few tomatoes in the East. Quality has been good.


Primo’s Pick of the Week!

The Vanilla Bean!

The vanilla bean not only imparts its flavor to dishes, but also adds that special visual element! Here are a few tips for when to use the vanilla bean:

• In lightly cooked sauces and syrups. By using the vanilla bean, you get all of the flavor elements of the vanilla bean in your cooking.
• When the presentation calls for proof of the vanilla bean. Adding vanilla beans to Crème Brulee is worth the extra expense.
• If you object to the alcohol used in extract but still want vanilla’s rich complexity.
• To flavor coffee and other hot drinks. Drop a small piece of the hard, dry bean in with coffee beans before you grind them.

Recipe of the Week:

Vanilla Bean Butter
Recipe makes 1/2 cup (can easily be doubled)
1 stick butter, softened
1 vanilla bean
Combine softened butter with the contents of one vanilla bean and mix. Easy! Can be stored in the refrigerator in a seal tight container or wrapped in plastic wrap.
You can incorporate this easy recipe with pancakes, cookie dough, french toast, cake batter, and musch, much more…

Fun Facts of the Week

How to use the Vanilla Bean: To use the vanilla bean the first thing you need to do is split the bean lengthwise, using a paring knife. Then scrape the seeds free from both sides of the bean with the edge of the knife, and add to whatever it is you are cooking. If you are cooking a sauce, add the pod to the mixture as well. When the vanilla has steeped into the sauce, strain the pod out, but DON’T THROW IT AWAY! Rinse the bean and allow it to dry at room temperature. Bury the used, dry vanilla pods in your sugar for a wonderful, vanilla-flavored sugar.