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February 10 – 16, 2013

Primo’s Outlook

Market is steady with better supplies.
Romaine market has eased, but still trading at elevated levels. Green and red leafs are lower. Seeing blister and peel on a lot of romaine.
Broccoli market has leveled off and is turning up as shippers have worked through their over supply situation. Quality has been good overall.
Cauliflower market is steady. Quality has been very good.
Market has remained steady out of Georgia with good quality.
Celery market is very strong. Quality has been very good. 
Florida berry quality is only fair and price is up for this week and next.
Idaho market has remained steady for the most part with good quality.
Onion market has come off a bit with good quality but we are still in a tight market for the remainder of the season.
Market is steady on navels and lemons. Quality has been good on lemons and very good to excellent on oranges.
Market on cucumbers is softer than last week with good quality.
Market is up slightly, ok volume and very good quality.
Tomato market is up slightly on rounds. Grapes, cherries, and romas are steady.

Feature of the Week

Looking for a way to spice up your plates but not in a costly way? Try Microgreens! What are Microgreens? They are tiny, tiny vegetables and herbs, no more than 8 to 14 days old, which have just developed their cotyledon (first leaves). They are far tinier than “baby greens.”

Microgreens are very tender and O what flavor they have! Intense and delicate, visually captivating, and sublime to eat; they are a gourmet experience. Yet, they are highly nutritious with scarcely a calorie. The assorted mix includes a variety of Microgreens available from that day’s harvest.  Some varieties may include: micro basil, micro bulls blood, micro arugula, micro cilantro, micro red beet tops, and more!

Use them as a garnish, or to spice up salads and sandwiches. Only a pinch is needed!

Recipe of the Week

Bruschetta Appetizer
toasted ciabatta
ricotta cheese
sautéed crimini mushrooms
fire-roasted red peppers
assorted micro greens
salt & pepper