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February 24 – March 2, 2013

Primo’s Outlook

Market is higher as shippers are struggling with small heads and light weights. We will likely see shippers packing 30 ct in place of 24 ct.
Romaine market has rebounded and is on the rise again as shippers struggle to meet demand. Green leaf is a little stronger and red leaf is steady. Seeing blister and peel on romaine.
Broccoli market is up slightly again this week. Quality has been good overall.
Cauliflower market is stronger. Quality has been very good.
Market has remained steady out of Georgia with good quality.
Celery market is very strong. Quality has been very good. 
Florida berry quality is only fair and price is up for this week and next.
Idaho market has remained steady for the most part with good quality.
Onion market has come off a bit with good quality but we are still in a tight market for the remainder of the season.
Market is steady to up slightly on navels and lemons. Quality has been good on lemons and very good to excellent on oranges.
Market on cucumbers has risen again due to cooler weather in Florida.
Market is up slightly, okay volume and quality is fair to good.
Tomato market is up slightly on rounds. Grapes, cherries, and romas are steady.

Feature of the Week

Offering a tender and juicy texture, delicious Chilean peaches are an easy way to eat the suggested 5 A Day fruit intake for nutritional health benefits!
Juicy Chilean peaches offer vitamin A and vitamin C, antioxidants present in stone fruit, and dietary fiber.   Cholesterol-free, plus low in fat and sodium, an average peach contains about 37 calories. Research shows that eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

Use tasty Chilean peaches to top pancakes, waffles and hot or cold cereal. Blend bite size pieces into low-fat yogurt or make a refreshing peach smoothie. Rice salads, seafood and poultry especially love the company of this fruit. To store, ripen fruit at room temperature. Refrigerate ripe fruit for longer storage.

Recipe of the Week

 Famous Peach Dishes:

 The Bellini:  Fresh peach purée and spumante, an Italian sparkling wine;Champagne or other sparkling wine can be used. The drink is said to have originated in the 1930s at Harry’s Bar inVenice, a favorite haunt of Ernest Hemingway, and is named for the 15th-century Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini. The peachy color of the cocktail reminded of the color of the garments of St. Francis in a famous Bellini painting; Cipriani named the drink in Bellini’s honor.

 Peach Melba:  Poached peaches, vanilla ice cream and raspberry purée. The dessert is named after Nellie Melba, the great Australian operatic soprano.

Fun Facts of the Week

Fun Facts:

•The juice from peaches makes a wonderful moisturizer, and it can be found in many brands of cosmetics.

•A peach pit contains hydrocyanic acid, which is a poisonous substance.

•Like the plum and the apricot, the peach is a member of the rose family (Rosaceae), distinguished by its velvety skin. It is classified as a drupe, a fruit with a hard stone.