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Primo’s Outlook (8/19 – 8/25)

Primo’s Pick of the Week!

The beautiful colors of Summer! Today, many restaurant chefs and innovative home cooks garnish their entreés with flower blossoms for a touch of elegance. The secret to success when using edible flowers is to keep the dish simple; do not add too many other flavors that will overpower the delicate taste of the flower. Today this nearly-lost art is enjoying a revival. Edible flowers are available in many varieties and assorted. Call your customer service representative for a complete list!

Recipe of the Week

Salad with Edible Flowers
-Choose one of our colorful salad bases: Spring Mix, Arcadian Harvest, or Hearts and Hearts.
-Special order either a pack of the mixed edible flowers or just a particular variety.
-Mix and viola!
-Chose portions that are accommodating, and the sky is the limit on dressings, oils, and vinaigrettes.

Fun Facts of the Week

The Pansy is one of the oldest cultivated flowering plants; they have been cultivated for so long that their origin is unknown. Pansy flowers are edible and have a taste reminiscent of grapes and mint. Some other names for the cultivated flowers are ladies-delight and stepmother’s flower. Wild pansies are also known as johnny-jump-up and love-in-idleness.

Market is steady up to a few dollars. Quality has been good, but weights have been on the lighter side.

Leaf Lettuce
The roller coaster ride continues with Romaine, and leaf lettuce is back up a few dollars. Overall quality has been very good.

Market has moved up a few dollars as shippers move into lighter supplies. Quality has been very good.

Market on cauliflower has come off a few dollars.

Market has come down sharply with the first arrivals from Canada. We should have volume from Michigan starting next week.

Celery market is up a few dollars with good quality.

Supplies remain good. Market is up again slightly.

Idaho market is steady. We expect the market to adjust down slightly next week as more shippers begin to harvest.

Idaho new crop onions will begin next week. Oregon and Washington are also getting started, with Colorado and New Mexico finishing. Market is steady with good quality.

Market is stronger on oranges, especially on smaller fruit as we ramp up for schools. Overall, quality has been good. Chilean lemons have begun winding down, with a wide range on quality and cost. Mexico will begin shipping next week.

There is a wide range on quality and cost from Canada, Michigan, and New Jersey. All areas have received a lot of rain.

Market is steady, with good quality. Sourcing from New Jersey.

Tomato FOB’s are steady to up a few dollars on rounds, grapes and cherries. The Roma market is unsettled with a wide range on quality and cost.

Raspberries and blackberries continue to be in short supply. Blueberry supplies are also tight.