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Primo’s Outlook (8/20 – 8/25)

Market is steady to up a few dollars. Quality has been good, but weights have been on the lighter side.

The roller coaster ride continues with Romaine, and leaf lettuce is back up a few dollars. Overall quality has been very good.

Market has moved up a few dollars as shippers move into lighter supplies. Quality has been very good.

Market on cauliflower has come off a few dollars.

Market has come down sharply with the first arrivals from Canada. We should have volume from Michigan starting next week.

Celery market is up a few dollars with good quality.

Supplies remain good. Market is up again slightly.

Idaho market is steady. We expect the market to adjust down slightly next week as more shippers begin to harvest.

Idaho new crop onions will begin next week. Oregon and Washington are also getting started, with Colorado and New Mexico finishing. Market is steady with good quality.

Market is stronger on oranges, especially on smaller fruit as we ramp up for schools. Overall, quality has been good. Chilean lemons have begun winding down, with a wide range on quality and cost. Mexico will begin shipping next week.

There is a wide range on quality and cost from Canada, Michigan, and New Jersey. All areas have received a lot of rain.

Market is steady with good quality. Sourcing from New Jersey.

Tomato FOB’s are steady to up a few dollars on rounds, grapes and cherries. The Roma market is unsettled with a wide range on quality and cost.

Raspberries and blackberries continue to be in short supply. Blueberry supplies are also tight.

Local Produce

Listing of fresh fruits and vegetables available from the Tri-State area.

We support our local farmers
**based on seasonal availability
*denotes special order

Chester County, PA

Button, 10 lb.
Crimini, 5 lb.
Enoki, 12 ct.
Fancy, 3 lb.
Food Service, 10 lb.
Medium, 5 lb.
Medium #1, 10 lb.
Medium #1 Organic, 10 lb.*
Oyster, 5 lb.
P & S Blanched, 20 lb.*
Porcini, Dried 1 lb.
Port. Caps 3.5″, 3 lb.
Port. Caps 4.5″, 3 lb.
Port. Caps 4.5″, 5 lb.
Portabella, Large 5 lb.
Portabella, Medium 5 lb.
Shitake, 3 lb.
Shitake #1, 3 lb.
Silver Dollar, 10 lb.
Sliced, 10 lb.
Sliced in Brine, 5/5 lb.*
Tray Pack, 108 ct.*
Variety Combo, 4.5 lb.
White Jumbo, 10 lb.
White Large, 10 lb.
Wild Bunch, 3 lb.*
Wild Bunch Sliced, 3 lb.*

Ulster County, NY

Apples, Sliced 100/2 oz.**

Lancaster County, PA

Alfalfa Sprouts, 12/4 oz.
Alfalfa Sprouts Bulk, 5 lb.*
Bean Sprouts, 6/8 oz.

Montgomery County, PA

Cider, Apple 4/1 gal.

Schuylkill County, PA

Potatoes, Yukon Gold A, 50 lb.
Potatoes, Yukon Gold B, 50 lb.

Bucks County, PA

Noodles, Lo Mein 5 lb.
Apples, Sliced 100/2 oz.**

Lehigh County, PA

Cabbage Green, 50 lb.
Bi-Colored Corn, 48 ct.

Cumberland County, NJ

Pea Tendrils, 4 oz.*
Popcorn Shoots, 4 oz.*
Arugula, 8 oz.*
Assorted Microgreens, 8 oz.
Asian Mix, 8 oz.*
Bulls Blood, 8 oz.*
Burgundy Amaranth, 8 oz.*
Cilantro, 8 oz.*
Early Wonder Beets, 8 oz.*
Mizuna, 8 oz.*
Peppercress, 8 oz.*
Red Mustard, 8 oz.*
Red Russian Kale, 8 oz.*

For a complete list please contact your customer service representative.

South Jersey: Cumberland County, Atlantic County, and Burlington County

Arugula, 24 ct.*
Beets, Bunched, 24 ct.*
Cabbage, Green 50 lb.*
Cabbage, Red 50 lb.*
Cabbage, Savoy 50 lb.*
Cilantro, 30 ct.
Collard Greens, 18 lb.
Cucumbers, Select 72 ct.
Cucumbers, Super Select 72 ct.
Dandelion, 12 ct.*
Eggplant, 28 lb.
Dill, 24 ct.
Escarole, 24 ct.
Endive, 24 ct.
Kale, Bunched 24 ct.
Leeks, 12 ct.
Mint, 24 ct.*
Mustard Greens, 24 ct.*
Parsley, Curly 60 ct.
Parsley, Italian 60 ct.
Peaches, 25 lb.
Peppers, Green Choice 23 lb.
Peppers, Green Med. 23 lb.
Peppers, Green Lg 23 lb.
Peppers, Green X-Lg 23 lb.
Radishes, Bunched 24 ct.*
Spinach Bunched, 24 ct.*
Squash Green Med 1/2 bu
Squash Yellow Med. 1/2bu
Spinach Bunched, 24 ct.*
Swiss Chard, Green 12 ct.*
Swiss Chard, Red 12 ct.*
Swiss Chard, Rainbow 12 ct.*
Turnips, 25 lb.

Peach, Mozzarella, and Basil Salad
3 ripe peaches (peeled, if desired)
1 cup fresh basil leaves, torn
8 ounces fresh mozzarella, cut into
1-inch chunks
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1/8 teaspoon black pepper

1. Cut each peach into 6 to 8 wedges,
then cut each wedge in half crosswise.
2. In a large bowl, combine the
peaches, basil, and mozzarella. Drizzle
with the oil, sprinkle with the salt and
pepper, and toss. (You can cover
and refrigerate the salad for up to
several hours.) Serve cold or at
room temperature.

Local Produce

These items are STRICTLY special order.

Armenian Cucumbers
Origin: California
Pack Size: 30#
Availability: 3 weeks
The Armenia Cucumber is thin, elongated, curved and often irregularly curled, with a creamy, pistachio-green colored skin. Its flesh is crisp, succulent and mildly flavored, similar to a common cucumber. The ideal size is from 10-15 inches in length; anything longer will tend to be overly mature with less moisture content. Its thin skin makes it an ideal fresh-slicing cucumber, and it can be served raw in green leaf, chopped, and pasta salads.

Purple Wax Beans
Origin: Mexico
Pack Size: 10#
Availability: 4 weeks
Purple Wax Bean, a variety of the snap bean or string bean, is very similar to a green bean with the exception of its purple color. This bean is picked at the early stage of development when it’s tender, sweet, and crisp, and eaten with the pod on. The Purple wax bean turns green once its cooked; it’s a good source of fiber, Vitamin A and C.

Kaffir Limes
Origin: USA
Pack Size: 10#
Availability: 3 weeks
Also known as Kieffer lime, makrut or magrood, this small, bumpy green lime is sour and highly aromatic. The rind is used in curries, chili pastes, Asian sauces and marinades. The scant juice is used in drinks but is also considered to have medicinal properties. Kaffir lime is also used as a very effective cleaner, cleanser and natural deodorizer, a small scratch of the lime zest releases a roomful of refreshing perfume.

Lobster Mushrooms
Origin: USA
Pack Size: 5#
Availability: 12 weeks
Orange in color, the name for the Lobster Mushroom is derived from its coloring similar to a lobster with the burnt orange outside and white inner meat. Firm and chewy in texture, this mushroom provides a somewhat salty, delicate flavor. Lobster mushrooms can be used in a wide range of dishes. They are great baked, sautéed or fried. The tasty, unique flavor can complement numerous foods.

Hatch Chiles
Origin: USA
Pack Size: 30#
Availability: 6 weeks
The Hatch Chile, named after the original growing area in Hatch, New Mexico, is bright green, glossy and firm with medium to thick flesh. This chili has meaty flesh and mild/medium to extra-hot heat. The hot days and cool nights in New Mexico give these chiles a unique flavor, making it ideal for use in Chile con Queso, Chile Rellenos, and Chile Verde; you can also roast them and use them in salads, soups, dips and sandwiches.