Looking for custom cut and packaged produce for your business? Learn more about our new processing facility, KaliBee’s.

We care for your produce from pick-up to delivery

In the food service business, you can never be too clean. But you can bet we’re trying to get as close as possible.

We know a sanitary environment not only protects the quality of the food and produce we deliver, but also is a reflection of our respect for our customers and the products we sell.

To ensure a clean and safe process from start to finish:

  • We wash our trucks—inside and out—at least twice a week.
  • Our storage facility is exceptionally clean and sanitary.
  • Our packers maintain exceptionally high levels of hygiene and cleanliness
  • Our drivers wear neat, daily-laundered uniforms.

We believe cleanliness and quality service go hand-in-hand. We invite you to tour our facility to see firsthand what we mean.