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September 14- September 20, 2014

Market Outlook


The Iceberg market is steady overall. Supplies are still on the lighter side, but demand is also down a little. We have seen a wide range in quality from fair to very good.


California romaine market is steady to a little weaker depending on the shipper. We are seeing a wide range on both cost and quality. Green and Red leaf are steady and shippers are selling out daily. Quality has been fair to good with romaine showing fringe/tip burn.


Broccoli market is a real mixed bag. Some shippers seem to be ok on supplies, and others are sold out and cutting orders. Quality has been good on arrival.


The cauliflower market is steady to higher. Quality has been good.


Carrot market is steady with new crop arriving from Michigan and Canada.


The Celery market is steady. Quality has been good overall.


Strawberry market remains very tight. Shippers have only a small amount of fruit that they are able to ship and make good delivery. Quality has been only fair, and we are seeing some minor to extensive bruising and the occasional moldy berry on inbound.


New crop Norkotahs continue to arrive looking very sharp. Market is steady.


The market has come off a little this week on onions. New crop Spanish onions from Idaho will begin arriving over the next week.


The Lemon market continues to remain strong. We are seeing limited arrivals from Chile and Mexico with fruit selling out just about as quickly as it arrives. California fruit is near impossible to find. Orange market is steady overall, but higher on small fruit which is available in limited supplies. Quality has been fair to good on oranges. Lime market is steady with good arrivals.


The Cucumber market is mostly steady with product arriving from New Jersey, Michigan and Canada. Michigan and Canada will be winding down with cooler weather.


Pepper market has remained steady with very nice quality out of New Jersey, Michigan and Canada.


Tomato market on rounds is steady. Overall, quality has been good. Roma market is much stronger as a lot of the local or regional deals finish up and supplies are coming up short. Grapes and cherries are steady.

Feature of the Week

This week Primo is featuring Zeigler’s Apple Cider. Manufactured in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Zeigler’s Cider is a custom blend of not just one type of apple, but a variety of sweet and tart apples. Every cider batch is taste-tested to deliver the delicious flavor and high quality standards.

Recipe of the Week

Grilled Zeigler’s Salmon with Cider Reduction


1 C Zeigler’s Apple Cider 1/4 C vegetable oil 1/8 C brown sugar Mix marinade ingredients. Pierce 1 lb. skinned salmon (serving for two) on both sides with fork. Place salmon and marinade in zip-lock bag. Refrigerate for 2 hrs to overnight. Grill salmon. Watch for flareups from the grill. Amount of time will be determined by the thickness of the salmon. Garnish with apple cider reduction (optional).

Apple Cider Reduction

1 C Zeigler’s Apple Cider 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 Tbsp maple syrup Simmer all ingredients until reduced to half. Spoon over salmon.