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September 28th, 2023 Market Report


Lettuce markets are still active and in light supply. INSV is present in some fields in Salinas, but its impact is not as great as last year. The average weight is 34-40 pounds. There will still be misshapen heads, puffiness, and discoloration on the outer leaves upon arrival. Quality is fair. 


Romaine markets are steady. Fringe and tip burn are some common defects reported. Quality is fair to good. 

Romaine Heart markets have slightly come down. Fringe and tip burn are some common defects reported. Quality is fair to good. 

Green and Red Leaf markets have slightly gone up. Fringe and tip burn are some common defects reported. Quality is fair to good. 

Lettuce Tender Leaf: 

The heat over the last few weeks has affected Parsley, Cilantro, Arugula, Spring Mix, Arcadian, and Spinach. Yellow/brown/black leaves may appear at receiving due to heat-related quality issues. Quality is poor to fair. 


Markets are still active. There is pin rot, yellow beads, hollow cores, and decay in the fields, reducing production. There is a AOG price increase on broccoli florets. Quality is fair. 


Markets have slightly gone up. Quality is good. 


Cello markets are steady out West. Quality is good. 

Loose market is steady. Quality is good. 

Value-add Snack Carrots are steady. Quality is good. 


Markets are steady, but there are still light supplies. A strain in production has been caused by INSV in some fields in Salinas. Quality is fair to good. 

Strawberries & Bush Berries: 

Strawberry markets have come down. Quality is fair to good. 

Raspberry markets are steady, but tight. There is a supply of fruit coming out of the Central Coast. Quality is fair to good. 

Blueberries markets are very active. We are in a demand-exceeds-supply situation as shippers work their way through a deep planting gap. Domestic crops are finished and Mexican production is several weeks away. The effects of El Nino events in Peru have caused delays and a significant drop in production. Higher temperatures and other adverse growing conditions have caused bloom drop and consequentially lower production rates. This is expected to continue through October. Quality is fair. 

Blackberries markets are steady, but continues to be very limited in availability. In mid-October shippers should see better numbers out of Mexico and they will continue to rise through December. Product crossing in from Mexico has already started to appear in a small way. Quality is fair. 


Quality is good, just seeing some skin Immaturity from the potatoes not being able to set yet. 


The onion market is stable. Overall quality is good. 


Cucumber market is steady. Quality is good. 

Euro cucumbers markets are very active. Canada is gapping and expect markets to be active until Mexico gets started in November. Quality is fair to good. 


Green bells market is steady. Quality is good. 

Red Pepper markets are coming down. Quality is fair to good. 


Basil: We are still seeing minor quality issues. Overall, quality is fair to good. 


Orange markets continue to increase each week. Through the remainder of the Valencia season, 113ct and 138ct prices will remain elevated. The peak sizes are 72ct and 88ct. The hot temperatures in the Central Valley will soon cause fruit to re-green (a normal occurrence at this time of year). It is purely cosmetic and does not affect the flavor of the fruit. Domestic Navels are expected to start up mid/late October. Other quality issues in play are softer fruit/pack pressure & stem-end aging due to increased temperatures in the growing region. Quality is fair to good. 

Lemon markets continue to increase each week. Shippers are now in new crop, which was affected by the weather. They will continue to see low yields and elevated markets into October. Import Lemons out of Mexico have started, but are extremely tight. Quality is fair to good. 

Lime Pretty consistent story out of Mexico on limes. Mexico continues to have hot, mostly dry days in Vera Cruz growing regions. The lack of substantial rain continues to keep the sizing profile on the current crop of fruit on the smaller side. Large sizes (110/150ct) are tightening up more and more as old crop fruit is all but gone. Growers continue to see high amounts of shrink at the packing sheds in Mexico, and then shippers are also seeing high amounts of shrink once the product gets into the US. US #1 fruit is currently a small portion of the overall crop due to the skin breakdown and quality issues the industry is experiencing. We are starting to see the gap between US#1 fruit and GDS fruit begin to widen a little. With temperatures across the country remaining warm, demand on limes continues to be strong despite the higher prices. 


The grape market continues to be active. Domestic grapes are expected to be available through October for most shippers. There may be a short gap between the end of the domestic crop and the start of Peruvian imports in November. Despite the sudden crop loss caused by the storm, the grape market continues to advance in price. For the remainder of the domestic season, this market will remain high and tight. Quality is fair to good. 


Round and Grape tomato markets are firm. Cherry tomato markets have gone back up. Roma tomato markets have come down. The availability is lightening up from NC/TN. Quincy will get rolling around mid-October, followed by the Ruskin/Palmetto area. Baja has passed storm-related issues and is moving into better quality. 


Green Cartons: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Red Cartons: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Bagged Cabbage: Markets are steady. Quality is good. 

Market Alerts: 

The items listed below are being prorated by Shippers. 

1.) White B Potatoes 

2.) Broccolini 18ct & 3/2lb 

3.) Lemons 165ct